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Who We Are

We introduce ourselves to you as Harold & Susan, a happy couple who "fled the Big City" to find a more peaceful and fulfilling way of life. We now have the opportunity to live our dream ~ bringing years of combined experience, creativity, research, and resources together; working as partners in an endeavor we thoroughly love.

As a young boy, Harold learned the basics of his craft from his Grandfather, a master in his own right. Harold's lifelong hobby served him quite well upon discovering Faires and joining the SCA, when he began creating leather armor and accessories for himself, family members, and friends. Having enjoyed several years as an SCA heavy weapons fighter, he applies his experience on the field to armor designs which provide both full range of motion and comfort.

Susan has diversified from her seamstress and quilting activities, to become a most capable and creative leather apprentice. She divides her time between our shop, packing and shipping, and handling a multitude of administrative tasks.

Together, we share a lifelong love of things Medieval, and participation in countless faires, tourneys, and revels.

Our Promise to You

We believe that every element of your outfit should fit well, look great, and give you many years of loyal service. To that end, we offer a fine selection of high-quality and exceptionally well-made products.

We established The Inner Bailey not as a hobby or a sideline, but as a full-time endeavor committed to offering you an ever-growing selection of high quality, affordable, and exceptionally well-made leather goods.

We don't believe in cutting corners ~ all our leathers are premium grade, tannery-dyed in the USA. We carefully hand-craft all our products ~ we pay close attention to detail, and we invest our time and our integrity into every item we create.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique blend of both classic and original designs across a range of categories, from the historically accurate to the fantasy-inspired.

Here at The Inner Bailey, there are always new designs in the works ~ some are rough sketches pinned up on the shop wall, some are notes on the backs of errant envelopes, and still others are completed products in the process of being tested ~ so please bookmark us and visit again soon!

Our Return Policy

All our products are 100% guaranteed. If you're not pleased with your purchase for any reason, we'll provide an exchange or a refund at your request. Refunds are for full purchase price, excluding shipping ~ unless there's been an error on our part, in which case we'll cover the shipping cost as well. We ask that you make your request within 10 days of receipt; and we expect your courtesy and cooperation in not returning any item that has been used, damaged, or altered in any way.

If any item proves defective in materials or craftsmanship, we'll repair or replace it free of charge for the first year. After the first year, we'll continue to offer you free repairs for life.

Your Side of the Deal

We ask that you provide us with careful and accurate measurements when placing your order ~ whether you plan to wear your buckled belt over maille, your armor over a gambeson, or your greaves over boots, remember to don those items prior to measuring.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email us or give us a call.

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The Inner Bailey
Providence KY 42450 USA

(270) 667-9540

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